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11223 Dentist

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There is no ignoring a toothache. Even when the pain comes and goes, you’re on edge waiting to see when it is going to return. Instead of that, come in to Ocean Dental Associates for expert emergency care for your toothache. Let our 11223 dentist alleviate it, and restore your tooth to optimal health.

Toughing out a toothache doesn’t make much sense. By doing so, you continue to be bothered by it, and you take the unnecessary risk of the tooth becoming infected, if it is not already. Worse still, not getting timely attention from our 11223 dentist can easily lead to a point where the tooth is no longer treatable. If so, the only option remaining is to extract it. And that will leave you with empty space where you used to have a tooth. It’s a cosmetic challenge, and also a practical one since your other teeth may shift, with your jaws possibly becoming misaligned. If it’s a back tooth, chewing becomes more difficult. So seek out our 11223 dentist right away. After an examination and x-rays, the appropriate treatment will be identified and implemented. The simplest of these is a filling, used to treat a cavity or to replace an existing filling that has come loose or fallen out. Crowns are fairly easy, too, although you will need to make a second visit. At your first session, impressions are taken for the dental lab. You then return to have the completed crown fitted. Root canal therapy is required for any infected tooth. And with a success rate of 90%, there is a very good chance that you can retain your tooth and keep it strong and viable.

We suggest that you keep our office’s phone number programmed in all your phones, work, office, and mobile. And use it without hesitation when you have a toothache.

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